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the great fandom migration -

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    We report child pornography to the NCMEC, as required by law.

    Scroll down to markf's reply in particular. It's heavily implied that ponderosa121 and elaboration were reported to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Harry Potters Children.

    I'm going to check innocence_jihad and if this isn't already there, I'm gonna crosspost it. Sorry if you see it twice, but I'm finding that a lot of people haven't lurked quite as aggressively as I have and haven't seen it.

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  • 08/08/07--20:33: news
  • Man, I really really wanted to have the Features Post of Doom up, but I'm still compiling. Yesterday I sat in a bar for three hours after work and made notes. Nineteen pages of them. *grin* If we can get even half of this stuff done, it's going to be totally awesome.

    Now let's do the news.

    • No one really cares about my e-mail issues, but I was having them, and now I'm not. I still have a zillion comments to go through, though, and I estimate one-third of the comments directed to me never showed up, and also there are a few hours of time where I just wasn't getting any comments that were left. So I apologize for kind of sucking at correspondence right now.

    • I need someone who still has a paid account to help me. I'm certainly not buying one, but I can't post polls, and at some point polls are going to be required. I'm sure there have been people volunteering to help me mod this comm, but see previous bullet point.

    • I cleared out the mod queue by just rejecting everything, largely because I let stuff pile up and then I didn't want to approve stuff and have all the posts show up at once. (I couldn't figure out from the FAQ if that would actually happen. Does anyone know?) Sorry for the mod fail. Here's what was in the queue:
      • LJ layouts ported to GJ, for those of you moving sooner than later and wanting your layouts. Posted by slash_eater.

      • A webmonkey tutorial on protecting content on your websites; a BellaOnline tutorial on forms and passwords. Posted by dracothelizard for people who want to put up websites and password-protect the fic and art hosted on those sites, as a possible solution for people not ready for The Great Migration but who don't trust LJ with their work.

      • treewishes was wondering if LJ even really cares about us and our paid accounts anymore, now that they have advertising dollars.

    • metafandom has the list, as usual. I'd like to bring attention to femmequixotic's open letter to 6A/LJ, which nicely highlights the remaining issues. (There are plenty.)

    • synecdochic has written a post about being heard in the right places. Personally, I'm not inclined to fight LJ on anything. I don't feel the need to yell at them or try to screw them over. I just want to pour all my efforts into getting the hell out of here as quickly as possible.

    ...which leaves me with these words of wisdom from insomnia, writing in this post:
    Truth is, the future belongs to you, and not to Brad or Mena or Ev or any of those other sold out dotcom slackers who are too busy with the keynote and cocktail circuit to get an honest 20 hours of coding done in a day. They're a good six years past their prime, and that's a century or two in 'net years. You don't need these people who seem to have lost their way and their ideals. You don't need their bloated stacks of code, their crumbling edifices, and their failed idealism. You don't need to feel like the barrier to making something meaningful is too big and too insurmountable, and you certainly don't need to think that everything has been done, either.

    You only need to do something new or do something better. Your failure, if you have one, is not a lack of ability, but a lack of effort and/or a lack of vision.

    Identify a problem. Fix it. Hack the planet.

    So let's get hacking, yeah? Yeah. I really will have the features post up soon.

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  • 08/08/07--22:31: finally, the post of doom!
  • Results of the Request Post of Doom, plus comments from the other journals and from e-mails, under the cut. Sorry it took me so long. It's kind of huge, and I'm ill today. Note that something's presence on this list doesn't mean it's absolutely going to make it into the software. It's a long list, yo. I think we'll be putting it to the community to find out which of these features are most important and are therefore things we should focus on first.

    As you read them, maybe see if you can come up with some name possibilities? The project really needs a name (I have gone all mafia about it and taken to calling it "our thing," which probably won't work), which will make it easier to talk about and enable us to get started on cool things like logo contests, to keep people excited and involved.

    I'm also going to refer to LJ plus its clone sites (JF, GJ, IG, Scribblit) as "LJC."

    Thing we like about LJ: Our friends lists
    Ways to make it better: Stop calling it our "friends list." Ability to click the "also friend of" link so you can see who's reading you (I think we should totally call this function "who watches the watchers?" or maybe just "quis custodiet"); makes it easier to decide if you want to add them to your reading list. Some tech stolen from RSS readers so you can close a post when you're done with it; makes you less likely to miss things and easy to come back to posts later. No friends limit.
    Thoughts: The nomenclature has really got to change, and that's not going to be difficult to do. I gather the reasons for f-list limits has something to do with server and bandwidth resources. Possibility of setting the limit as high as we reasonably can and allowing users to purchase the ability to increase that limit? I would like to have no limits at all, but that's going to depend on the sort of back-end we have.
    Migration Madness: Will need a way to read journals from LJC on reading list. dizzycadence is working on a way to do this w/ authentication so you can also read locked posts. (Assuming they've got you friended.) More info here. Also, implement clone-based username linking: < lj user= , < jf user= , < gj user= , < ij user= , < sc user= .

    Thing we like about LJ: Layouts
    Ways to make it better: Support for external stylesheets. Make it easier to customize fannish layouts without having to learn arcane S2 rules.
    Thoughts: I think external stylesheets are a must-have. And while we're talking markup, validity & accessibility will be paramount, so the site will be browsable by non-standard methods (voice browsers, iPhones, Lynx, whatever. I actually do a surprising amount of text-based browsing these days).
    One step further: Tag-based filters + linked stylesheets/custom layouts = a page of Pirates posts with a nice Pirates layout. One click and you're looking at a page of PoT posts with Tezuka in the background.

    Thing we like about LJ: Icons
    Ways to make it better: More of them. Mass uploading. Saved keywords. Longer keywords. Multiple keywords. Maybe tags instead of keywords (so, "show me all of so-and-so's Naruto icons" will be a possibility)? Larger icon (byte) size?

    Thing we like about LJ: Image hosting
    Ways to make it better: Allow comments to scrapbook images. Add vid hosting.
    Thoughts: I feel like scrapbook needs to be seriously re-imagined. I have not done said re-imagining. I think people use scrapbook for a few different things: artists to host their artwork, picspammers to host this week's pictures of Johnny Depp, icon-makers to store icons, others to put up misc. pics of their cat or store the art they need for their layouts. Maybe do something like split this functionality in two: galleries, with thumbnails and tags and the ability to comment on pictures; and something that works a lot more like an ftp server, so you just have storage space and you can upload the 150 icons you just made and call them whatever you want to call them. Maybe? Also, if storage were more FTP-like, you could put up things that weren't necessarily images. Still thinking about this piece of it.

    Thing we like about LJ: Comments. Comment threading. Comment notifications.
    Ways to make it better: Editable comments. Formatting options (RTF? Wiki formatting?). Easy previewing. "Unfold all."
    Thoughts: Apparently the "unfold all" thing comes up in suggestions, and it's always determined that it's too much of a resources hog. Would it help to do it without icons? What about making it a feature you can purchase? Editable comments (with system-added datestamp, like in forums?) and formatting options FTW.

    Thing we like about LJ: Tags
    Ways to make it better: Ability to subscribe to certain tags of certain users. Ability to not subscribe to certain tags of certain users. Ability to search the site by multiple tags. Tag browsing. Tags, tags, tags.
    Thoughts: I think we might also want to tag our actual journals and communities, to make searching/browsing easier. I think this would work a bit like interests, except better; it'd allow us to easily look for, say, users and communities with a lot of Battlestar Galactica femmeslash.

    Thing we like about LJ: Memories
    Ways to make it better: Nested categories for better/easier organization. Tag memories. Move them around, edit them, delete them without it being a tremendous pain-in-the-ass. Add notes or comments to the links you add to your memories. Add outside links to your memories.
    Migration Madness: There would ideally be a way to transfer memories to the new service. I suspect it may be possible to hack antennapedia's lj migrate script to do this. Will maybe work on that now, because I'm kind of ansty to get coding. *grin*
    One step further: People talking about the functionality they'd like to see in the memories section started to sound a lot like people talking about Adding bookmarking to the site? Made of win.

    Thing we like about LJ: Communities
    Ways to make it better: Easily back up entire community, comments and all. Better moderator functionality, like the ability to change the security on every community post at once.
    Thoughts: One thing that was brought up was, put some measure in place for when comm mods disappear. I'm not sure there's a way to do that with code, but maybe there could be some kind of policy in place like, if no one hears from the mod in X days, comm members can elect a new one and the site admins can make it happen.
    One step further: I like the idea of community types. When you go to create a community, obviously you have to option to make it be whatever you want. But maybe newsletters are a special type of community, where you set up a post template and enable the "I edit a newsletter" feature, and then as you're browsing, each post has an "add to newsletter" button by the "add to memories" button and all the other little buttons. Or you make a fanworks community and have the option to add challenges to a Master Fandom Calendar (more on the MFC later).

    Thing we like about LJ: Filters
    Under consideration: Levels of "public," such as locking entries to logged-in users only. Ability to label posts NSFW combined with a default SFW filter (by default I mean it's always available if you want it, not that you're forced into using it). Ability to lock posts to all members over [18] (actual age TBD) or all members AND guests over [18]. Only okay if easy and largely unobtrusive cookie-based "yes, I'm of age" guest-pass thing is possible (which it should be). No, it will not keep the kids out. Yes, it will cover our asses.

    Thing we do not like about LJ: The amazing changing unchanging TOS
    Ways to make it better: Be clear. Be detailed. Be responsive. Have some balls.
    Statement: Not even under debate. This will happen.

    Thing we do not like about LJ: Search functionality is well-nigh useless
    Ways to make it better: Search by tags -- more than one at a time. Ability to narrow results. Search by fandom.
    Thoughts: I'm probably going to put together a mockup of what I think the search page is going to look like, and then solicit input. This, I feel, is really important functionality and it's going to help to have an idea of what we want early on, because it's going to be a big driver of the data model.
    One step further: While I absolutely think that users should be able to opt out of having their individual journals searchable (much like what LJC does now with appending the norobots stuff to headers), I think it would be AWESOME to be able to have a little search thing on posts that lets you search through (collapsed) comments to a given post.

    Thing we can't decide if we like about LJ: Paid accounts
    Likely course: Free accounts + option to buy highly modular add-ons. No generic "paid account" as such, but allow users to purchase the add-ons they want and will use. Possibly offer packages for the super-lazy.
    More info: Because this is going to be a non-profit venture, the only purpose of charging for add-ons is allowing us to afford the resources to provide them. I'd like as much of this stuff as possible to be free, but right now, I have absolutely no way of knowing what we will and will not be able to provide. It's also going to vary depending on what users want. So, the very tentative "maybe it will cost extra" list: voice posts, a gazillion icons, pages, vid hosting, killfilters, unfold-all, more layouts, SMS capability, actual server space (, more friends, more accounts, widgets, custom mood themes.

    Thing we can't decide if we like about LJ: The nav bar
    Thoughts: Some people like it, some people hate it. At the very least, if it's going to be an option, it should be customizable (and maybe hideable?). I kind of like the idea of a nav bar made of widgets.

    Thing LJ has never heard of: Master Fandom Calendar
    How it works: You create a community. The system says, "hey, is this community going to have challenges?" If so, you can add them to the Master Fandom Calendar, which users can go check out and view by fandom. Anyone can add new events, but only event creators or their (designated) proxies can edit or delete them.
    Why? It would be hugely cool? It would help foster a sense of community? I know challenge-listing communities pop up all the time, asking people to show up and announce that they're running such-and-such type of challenge. Everyone thinks they're a good idea, and they last for like two weeks, and then people stop posting. I think making "add a challenge" an automated process that the system takes care of would help a lot.

    Thing LJ has never heard of: Master/slave accounts
    How it works: You sign up with an e-mail address and set up your main account. You can then set up other accounts (for RL stuff, RPGs, whatever) and link them to that same e-mail address. All features of all accounts are accessible from the master account.
    Other thoughts: I love this idea, but I'm torn about implementation. Should Master accounts get unlimited slaves? Or they get X number of slaves and can buy more? I like the idea of purchasing add-ons and then allowing users to split them up between accounts as they see fit. So, buy 100 additional icons, and give 10 of them to your RL account and 35 to some RPG account and the rest to your fannish account. Etc.

    Thing LJ has never heard of: RPG consoles
    How they work: Easy way for mods to see what's going on in their games -- maybe a listing more like a forum so they could see where the most recent activity is. What else? I'm not an RPer, so I don't know.

    Thing LJ has never heard of: Post templates
    How they work:The site has default templates for different types of post (fic, art, regular journal entry, icons, whatever). Users won't have to use them if they don't want to, but it'd be shiny if they did, because then we could use those fields as metadata to search against. Fields and field values editable by user.

    Think LJ has never heard of: Account types
    How they work: Much of this functionality is fen-specific, but I also want this site to be a place where non-fen can feel at home. I think it'd be kind of nice to say, when you are creating your account, "no, I don't want all the fannish bells and whistles," and then you won't be bothered with quite so many fannish options. Obviously, you should be able to change that at any time, and activate said bells and whistles.

    Whew. Okay. That's a lot. But see what I mean about how awesome it will be if we can even do half this stuff?

    So. Anything I missed? Other thoughts?

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    I'd set up a number of syndicated feeds on InsaneJournal to LJ communities, and for some reason the newsletters were all not coming through whereas other communities were (usually quite quickly). I put in a support request about it and received the following:

    "Syndicated accounts will only update if the feed file is under 300KB in size. If there is a larger RSS feed -- for example, the RSS feed of the metafandom community on LiveJournal is 374 KB -- then the syndicated account will return the "too big" error you have seen. (The frequency of
    updates does not have an effect, since LiveJournal's syndicated feeds display a limited number of entries at a time.)

    You may wish to contact the maintainers of the communities or journals that have this problem, and ask them to modify the feed. In particular, LiveJournal accounts have a 'synlevel' property that can be changed from the default value to either "summary" (which will display part of each entry,
    with a link to the rest) or "title" (which will not display any of the entry content, but will include the subject and other information about the entry, along with a link to the rest). If the journal owners or community maintainers are interested in doing this but don't know how, please ask them to open a support request on LiveJournal."

    ETA: I also asked LJ Support for instructions on how community mods can do this and received this reply.

    "You can change the community's feed settings at the Admin Console
    ( using the following command:

    set for examplecomm synlevel summary

    You will need to replace "examplecomm" with the name of your community. (An account's synlevel can also be set to "title", which will display the subject line but none of the entry content itself, or to "full", which is the default behaviour; in the above command, you can replace "summary" with either of these two settings if you would prefer a different behaviour.)

    If there would be a better/other places to post this, please let me know, but it seems to me this could be a potential problem for people wherever they're setting up shop.

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  • 08/09/07--12:24: "The User as Citizen"
  • Taken from robin_anne_reid  : "User Generated Content"& Ownership: The User as Citizen.

    This is a great post, and I suggest everyone read it. Many of the issues we've discussed here are also brought up there. One of my favourite parts:

    This issue of ownership is much bigger than Six Apart and Livejournal, because it's really about how we as a culture construct the new class of relationships between citizens and businesses that is embodied by the interactive, hyper-connected social nodes that form the new structures through which modern humans are organizing our public lives.

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  • 08/11/07--20:15: weekend update
  • Howdy, fandom.

    The technobabble update is that I'm in the process of setting up a dev box. I've got the subversion repository set up, and now I need to configure it to allow multiple users. Then I need to install TRAC, and hook it in to the resository. Then we get coding. The dev team itself is not quite hammered out yet, but it's close. I still have e-mails to send and e-mails to read and e-mails e-mails e-mails, but once the hammering is done, I'll let you guys know who is rocking the behind-the-scenes development work.

    One thing I really need to get better at is sorting or noting comments as they come in. I didn't make a running list of name suggestions as they appeared in my inbox, so it took me forever to go through the five pages of comments on that post and find them. Here they are:

    • our thing (okay, that's stil me, but a few of you said you liked it!)
    • postnet
    • crack rack
    • fanthing
    • fandomain
    • sanctuary
    • fantastica
    • fan_freed
    • zippy
    • fandom world
    • fanverse
    • fanspire
    • fanspiration
    • archnalunity
    • the place (because it's time)
    • fanhaven

    Other suggestions?

    And, last but not least, I set up fandom_flutter as a place to vent, share, post essays, etc. It's still moderated, in order to keep out spammers/advertisers/whatever, but I hope people who are interested in discussing the further implications of the exodus will head over there. I'm going to clear out the mod queue for this comm, and I hope anything that gets rejected will end up over there. I guess I'd like to try to keep this community for Project-related updates. I dunno. It's a fuzzy line. And I've maybe had some drinks, so it's clearly time to step away from the laptop.

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    elements  has another great post about users, representation, and "impossible possibilities" that we should all be reading. Many of the ideas listed are relevant to the project being discussed here. Snip:

    "The only way we can move en masse to another site is if it's something with what we need built right in to the way it's structured. And oddly enough, the main thing we need is NOT "freedom of speech" or assurances that the site is fan-owned or pro-fan. What we need is a site that is designed with user needs taking explicit priority over profit, and with a user voice built in and guaranteed from the ground up.

    What I mean by users over profit is not that the site can't make money. What I mean is that the goal of the people running the site shouldn't be making the site look good - ie, be "monetizable" - with the primary purpose of eventually selling to a bigger company or holding an IPO that will make the original financers of the project rich.

    This needs to be a site created for the public good, and the public good ain't ever made folks rich.

    Luckily, it's possible to run a small company without the need for insane growth and glittering visions of IPOs - provided you can get past the initial investment period and then get and keep enough regular customers to pay your bills and salaries. Even better, if the site were part of a nonprofit, there'd be a built in prohibition on IPOs and sellouts (though being a nonprofit is not a guarantee an organization will be well-run). Nonprofit doesn't have to mean financially struggling, or even poorly-paying for employees. It just means, not driven by the desire for exponentially maximized profit made on the backs of an uncompensated and unrepresented user base. It means, operating a public good.

    So one possible long-term way out is the fanarchive model, whether or not a blogging service would be part of the fanarchive project. Another is some of what’s being discussed over at fandom_flies. I lean right now to thinking it oughtn't be quite exactly either, because fans are better protected when intermingled with non-fen, and because, heck, I want to take all my Livejournal community with me, not just the fandom part of LJ. This journal isn't even a very fandomish journal. I want this site for a lot more than fandom, and I think other people would too.

    A lot of comments to my User as Citizen post mentioned modeling after a credit union. I like that idea (it's the core of my stakeholder model for reforming existing sites, mentioned later). There are a lot of options when you're starting fresh and you want to be user-owned. As a company, you can choose a stakeholder/shareholder route; as a nonprofit, you can choose various types of membership; there are possibilities for combining in odd and exciting ways, with some legal consultation of course. I'd love to see these ideas built in from the ground up to fandom_flies."

    0 0

    This is stuff from the mod queue and my inbox. I really love that you guys submit posts and links, and I really hate that giant red "reject" button, but I think it's better to try and round up links in news posts than fill up the f-lists of a couple thousand people (!!) with small chunks of info.

    Now, in regards to the name post... we're not there yet, but I think we're getting closer. Some thoughts:
    • I agree with the many people who are against having the word "fan" in the name, because we don't want to alienate non-fen.
    • If, however, we're intent on something with that f-a-n letter combo, we should look for something where it's subtle, already part of a larger word (e.g., "fanfare," suggested here (with others) by copinggoggles).
    • I also don't think we want to be all INTRNETZ IZ SRS BIZNEZ about it, so we should go for something with a hint of whimsy.
    • tekanji makes a good suggestion here: "I would recommend combining two words that describe what kind of service you're offering (ala. Live Journal, Word Press, Type Pad). Maybe figure out what features will make your service stand out and create a name from that."
    Further thoughts and suggestions? Keep 'em coming! I am obviously unfit to make naming decisions, because the Mafia fangirl in me will go with "Our Thing" and call it good. Remember that we can also make up a word or egregiously misspell something. It's the web2.0 way!

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  • 04/30/08--22:45: Introducing LJ United
  • Hi. My name's Mark. Some of you might know me from as LJ's first "All things Business" Manager in the early, freewheeling days of the site before it started becoming yet another dotcom.

    Recently, I created ljunited -- a coalition of LiveJournal users dedicated to putting forth a slate of two qualified candidates for the upcoming LJ advisory elections, drawn from individuals who believe strongly in the original promise of LiveJournal.

    Specifically, we believe in:

    Working with the community, for the community.
    Honoring the status of every account.
    (That means supporting and championing your free speech!)
    Maintaining the uptime and performance of the site.
    Staying advertisement free.
    Never sending unsolicited e-mail.
    Supporting the Free Software movement.
    and ...
    Protecting your privacy.

    It's a simple promise. A list of goals to aspire to that plenty of LiveJournal members theoretically believe in.

    ... and yet, it doesn't always work out that way in practice, does it?!

    Recently, I posted about  ljunitedto the  earlyadopterscommunity, which includes many of the earliest users of the site. 

    The community's founder -- who is a strong defender of the rights of earlyadopters to maintain the free special features they were given -- recently quizzed me about  ljunited's platform, first asking me....

    "when you step into, say, parryhotter, do you let them know how serious you feel about being allowed to write children's-book-inspired pornography?"

    My reply was:
    "I haven't had the time yet to really reach out enough to the fandom community, but when I do, you can absolutely count on me defending the right for people to write children's-book-inspired pornography. YES. ABSOLUTELY.

    You might as well ask me if I would support jailing
    Nabokov, or Henry Scott Tuke, for that matter.

    Last time I heard, there were no minors harmed in the making of slashfic... and, in fact, many of the creators of slashfic are minors. And while I have heard it argued by some that their work has no redeeming artistic value, I have to wonder... to who?!

    To me? Probably not more than a laugh or two at times. To someone who reads slashfic? Moreso.

    It's a stupid question, in that it's like asking whether anyone in any given tenth grade English class is going to write something in that class of redeeming artistic value. Answer: probably not. But many of the young people writing slashfic will at least feel motivated to write regularly, and that's arguably a more significant accomplishment than than many tenth grade English classes achieve."

    He went on to say:
    "I personally think it's far more likely that the slash authors who are writing about child characters online are probably more likely to be child predators. . ."

    ... to which I responded:
    "From personal experience running things at LJ for a long time, I think its safe to say that the facts do not support this claim, unless you mean it perhaps in some sort of vague statistical manner, such as:
    "I think it's more likely that men who express an interest in women are more likely to be rapists."

    Statistically? Well, yeah, it's probably true. But it's hardly an indictment or reason for preemptive steps against all men, is it?!

    The fact of the matter is that during the years that I oversaw LJ's abuse department, there were exactly *ZERO* reported trial convictions of anyone on LJ related to child molestation."

    As a final note, he wrote:
    "You want me to believe that it's more likely that chilren are writing sophisticated sexual content surrounding the characters that are currently most popular to children, you show me. I personally think it makes a great cover for child sexual abusers."

    to which I commented:
    "Or a dad. Or an uncle. Or a priest. Or a babysitter. Or a teacher. Really, any family member, or any other person who is trusted with kids. That's who is statistically most likely to molest a child."

    Basically, he doesn't believe that people under 18 write slash... so, if you or your friends either are or were involved in slashfic, yuri, yaoi, etc. before the age of 18, please let him know... and please ask your friends to do the same.... and as for all you adult fans out there, well... you might want to let him know that you're not actually a child molester, too.

    As I said recently:

    "What's a mistake, I think, is to think that the rights of those in  earlyadoptersand those over at  parryhotteraren't intrisically connected... because they are.

    To those who don't believe me, all I can say is that you *ALL* had your rights once, and now some of you might not, or might feel that your rights are threatened... and you don't see any connection there?!

    All too often, the management has played one minority after another against the weight of "public opinion". (Whose public?! Russia's? America's? LJ's?) The end result being that people's rights get infringed upon and rolled back, LJ dies a bit more, and there's a precident for even more rights to be taken away, usually for profit.

    It's always easy to make a popular argument to take away someone's rights. But it takes integrity to defend someone whose rights most people do not need or use, based on solid principles. And sometimes, it takes a small army to not get steamrollered in the process."

    That's why I stress the need for unity. Because, this isn't just about you. It's about us.

    Join LJ United

    Help us take strong, principled steps to bring back our rights, and to resist further attacks on our fellow LJers. 

    We're looking for members who aren't willing to cave on issues involving the rights of any LJer, just because they happen to be an early adopter, or a breastfeeding mother, a survivor of child molestation, a sex-positive advocate, a Harry Potter fan, a Russian teen angry at the police, a Chinese dissident, a person who glorifies drugs, a person who worships a banned religion... or you.

    "I detest what you write, but I would give my life to make it possible for you to continue to write." - Voltaire

    As we've seen, it's too easy to scapegoat one community or group of people.  That's why we need unity. Help us appoint representatives for LiveJournal who aren't *just* strongly supportive of fandom, but of ALL the promises that were made to us over the years, and of ALL our rights and freedoms.   

    I don't care whether you are still on LiveJournal or have let your account go inactive, having moved on elsewhere.  There is still a fight to be fought, an argument to be made, and a reason to cast your vote and try and turn back the tide.

    If you feel powerless and alone in the fight, but know some friends who feel the same way, spread the word, because WE WANT YOU.
    If you would like to run as a LJ United candidate, embracing the promise of the site and representing us all, WE WANT YOU.
    If you are tired, dispirited, frustrated... ready to pack it all in, but hanging around on LJ for the sake of your friends, WE WANT YOU. 
    If you are tired of watching your friends be targeted, and wonder what will be next, WE WANT YOU.
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  • 05/27/08--10:44: vague sort-of update
  • Hey everyone.

    Been a while, hasn't it? Yeah. There isn't much of an update, I don't think, and I'm not sure what to say. I remain of the opinion that LJ isn't really the best home for fandom. The issue, though, is that there aren't a lot of options. People (myself included) aren't going to leave LJ for greener pastures unless the pastures are quite shiny (in terms of awesome features and ease of transition) and their friends are there. A fannish journaling site has the potential to be amazing, but it would definitely not be easy or cheap or smooth sailing. It requires a lot of resources and knowledge and skills that I don't personally have, and I don't know if I could find them. I'm working on it, in a fills-the-empty-spaces-of-my-time sort of way, but there aren't a lot of those.

    I still think about it, though, all the time; for a while I was thinking maybe it could live on the Google App Engine, but there's a no-porn policy, so that idea died within about five minutes of inception. It was attractive, though, because it took all the infrastructure issues away. Alas.

    So, yeah, I don't know. I'm still thinking and talking and recruiting and brainstorming and occasionally hacking and coming up with insane ideas. Maybe the thing could be distributed, maybe the porn could be encrypted on the server and decrypted by the browser, maybe the thing could be on a pre-existing platform so all we'd need to do is write a few plugins and package everything together, etc. The leaving LJ idea isn't dead, but I'm not as optimistic as I once was that it can happen soon (obviously). So I feel like right now the thing to do is try to make the best of the situation here.

    To that end, please vote in the LJ Advisory Board elections. Others have discussed it at length in more eloquent terms than I have time for right now, but the point is that if we want a fannish representative on the board, we need to make our voices heard. There's more information at fandom_votes, so please check it out and vote if you haven't already done so. You've got till Thursday, 9pm PDT.

    ETA: There are some comments coming in regarding the status of other projects, so I figured I should link them.

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